Causes & Remedies for Bad Breath in Dogs

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I love my lemon beagle, but sometimes her breath smells like something died inside of her. It’s not her fault, because we all get bad breath at some point in our life, both humans and animals.

It is our responsibility as a pet owner to make sure our dogs maintain proper oral hygiene. While bad breath in dogs isn’t a serious health concern, it could be a symptom of a much larger, more serious health issue.

3 Causes of Bad Breath in Dogs

Dog Bad Breath

Plaque & Tartar Build up

Bad breath in dogs can be caused by a variety of reasons. The most common cause of bad breath in dogs is the build up of plaque and tartar. Dogs don’t brush their teeth everyday like we do. Over time, that plaque will build up in their mouth, hardening on their teeth. This will undoubtedly cause a very unpleasant stench.

Eventually, this plaque will start to affect your dogs’ gums, leading to inflammation and bleeding. Once this happens, it can make bad breath worse, as well as lead to liver and kidney problems. Try brushing their teeth at least once every week. I personally brush my beagle’s teeth every time I give her a bath. This way, I can make a mess and it all goes right down the drain.

Broken or Decaying Tooth

Just like humans, dogs can break their teeth. Keep an eye on what your dog chews on. If they spent a lot of time outside, be sure to clear any sticks or other hard objects that they may chew on. Poor oral hygiene in your dog may eventually lead to weaker, and more susceptible teeth.

Diet & Poor Digestion

The food your dog eats is another determining factor of them having bad breath. Feeding your dog table scraps or other fatty-foods can lead to poor digestion and constipation. If you over-feed them or they don’t get enough water, they may also have problems digesting the food they ate.

Keep your dogs on a regular feeding routine, with high-fiber dog food. Make sure they have at least one or two bowel movements everyday. Avoid giving them table scraps, especially fatty meats and other constipation causing foods. Feeding them the same amount everyday, will help keep their digestive system moving and them at a healthy weight.

4 Remedies for Bad Breath in Dogs

Getting rid of bad dog breath is pretty easy to do. Chances are, brushing your dog’s teeth on a frequent basis will solve the problem. So, implement that into your routine, and your dog will have fresher breath. But, of course, you need to get rid of the stink right now. Below are a few remedies for bad breath in dogs that are simple and effective.

Water & Baking Soda

Mixing warm water, with a little baking soda can help get rid of bad breath. You’ll want to make it into a paste, so don’t use too much water. Simply take a gauze pad or soft rag, and rub the baking soda mix directly onto your dog’s teeth. This will help remove plaque and tartar, as well as instantly improve their breath.

Minty Treats

Most pet stores will sell minty, dental treats that will help with your dog’s bad breath problem. There are many different kinds of dental dog treats, so read the labels carefully. This is probably the most low-maintenance way to get rid of bad breath in dogs. But, understand that these dog treats will only mask the problem, not solve it.

Dental Dog Toys

There are plenty of different dog toys that help with oral hygiene. Search online or at your local pet store for these toys. They are designed to help scrub away plaque as they chew on them.

Baby Carrots

Another way to get rid of your dog’s bad breath is to give them baby carrots. They are a healthy treat, which will assist in the removal of plaque.

Talk to your Veterinarian

Please remember that the bad breath remedies above are merely tips at solving the problem. If your dog consistently has bad breath, it is very likely that is a symptom of a more serious health issue. Go to your veterinarian, and have your dog looked at. They will be able to give you a well educated guess at what’s going on with your dog.

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