My Lemon Beagle Helping Me Do The Dishes

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This is a video of my lemon beagle, Lola, helping me do the dishes. this is a pretty common occurrence in our house. Anytime we have the dishwasher open, Lola is right there helping out. According to other people I know with beagles, this is common in their house too.

Source: HarleyJane18

I’m curious to know, does anybody else’s beagle do the same thing? I know of three other beagles, two of which are lemon beagles, and they all try to lick the dishes. But they’ve never met.

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One Response to “My Lemon Beagle Helping Me Do The Dishes”

  1. I too have a lemon beagle who loves to do the dishes. She also loves to sleep under the covers. Litereally under the covers. She is buried with no air to breathe. I wake up often just to make sure she is alive. The lemon beage has the best personallity of all beagles.